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The CX consulting division of The Customer Experience Company unites seasoned professionals to provide strategic guidance. We help clients shift from traditional profit-focused models to customer-centric approaches, driving sustainable growth. Understanding the customer journey, we identify crucial touchpoints and analyze how all business aspects contribute to a positive experience. By optimizing touchpoints, we aim to boost acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

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customer experience

The CX-Company offers advice at C-Suite level on the design and development of comprehensive CX Strategies that align with corporate goals and objectives.


Once senior management have decided on a clear CX strategy, the CX-Company work with heads of department and key stakeholders to run Customer Journey Mapping workshops that identify gaps in the current customer journey and improvements that need to made to deliver the ideal customer experience.

After the customer journey mapping sessions have identified key areas of improvement, the CX-Company creates and monitors an online task allocation system, to ensure that relevant goals and objectives are achieved timeously to support the improved experience.

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  • Customer Experience Consulting to Exco

  • Customer Experience Maturity Assessment

  • Advice on CX VoC metrics, measurements and outcomes

  • Customer Journey Mapping (interactive workshops)

  • Customer Experience Training

    • Experiential Learning - The Customer Journey Game​

    • Specialised customer service training for frontline staff (waiters, front of house, petrol attendants, etc)


Peach Piche jpg.jpeg

Peach Piche
CX Mystery Shopping, Frontline Training


I help Businesses turn their Customers into more Customers by measuring the realtime experiences, igniting staff to improve, increase retention, loyalty and, most of all, the bottom line

Lynn Baker Customer Experience Specialist

Lynn Baker
Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)

Customer Experience Specialist (CXS) (CX University) / Chair of Judges - International CX Awards 2023 / Designer The Customer Journey Game

Clint Payne jpg.jpeg

Clint Payne
Customer Experience Strategist

Master of Upside Down CX | Culture Transformation Expert | CX Metrics Revolutionary



If you would like to more about the Customer Experience training , please connect via the contact form, email or mobile # +27 82 457 5752

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