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The Customer Experience Company aims to provide a multitude of services to clients looking to shift from legacy business models focused purely on revenue and profit metrics, to one that deliberately places the customer and employees at the center of the business to drive sustained growth and profitability.

Customer Experience is about understanding the many interactions a customer has on a journey to purchase. It is about identifying key touch points that influence buying decisions and deliberately scrutinizing how all resources, including people, processes and technology are aligned to support a positive and frictionless customer experience.


Only once we understand how touch points influence customer behavior, can we attempt to optimize them, in order to drive increase customer acquisition, improve customer retention and gain customer loyalty.


The concept of customer experience is simple, however the implementation is complex, timeous and continuous. Implementing a customer experience strategy requires the consideration of every element of a business, including the people, processes and technology that are employed to facilitate great CX.

As a consequence, the implementation of a cx strategy requires a wide spectrum of specialists in various disciplines to facilitate specific processes and advise on the implementation of a successful cx strategy.

For this reason, the Customer Experience Connexion was formed. A partnership of CX professionals, all of whom are experts in their field, who provide guidance and advice on cx strategic design, employee experience design and front line employee training. Working together, these professionals ensure that strategic objectives and brand values are embedded into the processes that support the roll out to every member of the organisation with clarity. It is important to note, that CX Connexion
partners intention is to guide, advise and facilitate a cx strategic process in order that employees can fulfil the future requirements of the business.



  • Customer Experience Consulting

  • Customer Experience Maturity Assessment

  • Customer Experience Strategy Design (interactive leadership sessions)

  • Customer Journey Mapping (interactive workshops)

  • Customer Experience Interactive Games

    • The CX Strategy Game​                  Board, Exco, Leadership groups

    • The Customer Journey Game     Management, Sales, Supervisors

    • The Customer Service Game       Front line staff - restaurants, hotels, retail

  • Customer Experience Software         Persona design, journey mapping                                                                        goal setting, task setting & tracking

  • Customer Service Training



CONTACT #  LYNN BAKER -  +27 82 457 5752   EMAIL :  lynn@cx-company.com